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New capital, deployed with a difference

Boann is building a social finance sector defined by greater equity, impact and AUM. We invest in  solutions that uplift the lives of Canadians, while helping to grow a strong a strong social finance marketplace where financial, social and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Boann was created as a partnership between the Table of Impact Investment Practitioners (TIIP) and BC Non-Profit Housing Association, The Co-operative Housing Federation of BC, The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and Community Impact Investments.

Boann is backed by an initial $154 million contribution from the Government of Canada’s Social Finance Fund to support purpose driven investments.


How we invest


Boann invests in ideas and initiatives that bridge financial sustainability with high-impact, positive outcomes for people and the planet.


We are bringing new capital to Canada’s diverse sectors, communities and regions, building a strong national network of social finance intermediaries that foster equitable access to financing.

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