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How We Invest

Boann invests in purpose-driven entities across the social finance sector.

We take a portfolio approach to evaluating investment opportunities, looking at not only what investments produce individually, but what they represent for the ecosystem as a whole.

That means building a portfolio of investments with different and complementary strengths, across the range of industries active in Canada’s impact investing marketplace –– all united by a commitment to impact.

The factors and strengths we consider when evaluating investment opportunities include:

  • Who – promoting equitable representation

  • What – impact goals of the enterprise

  • Where – especially geographies that have limited access to capital

  • Scalability – potential to expand financial / impact returns over time

Read our Conflict of Interest policy.

We seek investments that:

Increase access to capital for social enterprises and social purpose organizations

Cultivate a more equitable marketplace

Deploy and attract new capital

Generate social and environmental impact

Invite new proponents into the marketplace

Introduce new products to the marketplace


Our investees include:

Existing Canadian social impact funds, Social Finance Investors, Social Purpose Organizations, and Social Finance Projects, including outcomes financing initiatives

First time Fund Managers or Investment Products

Enterprises in geographies or contexts where access to Social Finance Investors is limited

Social finance models in underserved and equity-deserving populations, regions and sectors — including Indigenous, Non-White, gender diverse people and women, and Northern, rural and remote areas

We are especially interested in working with entities seeking to increase their impact and expand their financial returns.

Who we invest in

We are committed to bringing underserved, equity-deserving communities into Canada’s social finance marketplace.

Our investment process

Our investment process is designed to remove barriers to financing and develop the capacity of Canada’s growing social finance marketplace.

Meeting investees where they are:

We provide access to comprehensive support to for-profit, non-profit, charitable and institutional entities to support their success as they move through our investment process.

At each stage of the process, we work together to surface what is needed to increase impact and develop investment opportunity.

Our approach is trauma-informed and focused on economic reconciliation and fostering an inclusive social finance marketplace.

We welcome opportunities to learn from one another and improve Boann processes.

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