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Black History Month: Joy Warimah


Black History Month is a time to recognize Black contributions and people we admire. For Boann, we need look no further than our own team for Black leadership we look up to. We want to share with you some thoughts from the minds who influence us, in their own words.


Joy Warimah is an Investment Analyst with Boann.

In honour of Black History Month, Joy shared her reflections with us on advancing equity for Black communities in Canada through impact investing and beyond.

The views presented here are her own.

How has your experience as a Black woman influenced your approach to impact investing?

Growing up in a predominantly Black country, I witnessed representation at every level of success, providing me with inspiration from those who shared my background, language, and identity. However, migrating to Canada a few years ago offered a new perspective on the realities of being Black. Now part of a demographic that has long faced systemic barriers and injustices, I confront the subtle and insidious manifestations of oppression in today’s society.

This realization fuelled my passion for being an ally and champion for all marginalized communities. I have empathy and understanding for the unique challenges faced by these communities and I am particularly drawn to projects that empower underrepresented communities and contribute to the development of communities facing economic challenges. Additionally, I advocate for inclusive practices within the companies we invest in, striving to foster environments that embrace diversity and equal opportunities for all.

Through my work, I strive to contribute to dismantling barriers, promoting equality, and creating opportunities that can uplift communities facing adversity.

How would you like to see Boann support Black leadership and success through its work?

I’m still figuring this out, but I believe Boann has made commendable progress in supporting Black leadership by ensuring Black voices are represented at every tier of decision-making—at the the Investment Committee, the Board, Advisory Council, and within the internal team. Additionally, the celebration of Black History Month further amplifies black voices and recognizes and celebrates Black success.

What would you recommend everyone learn something about to better understand the Black experience in Canada? (This can be a person, place, event, book recommendation, etc.)

To understand the multifaceted Black experience in Canada, it is essential to acknowledge its diversity. Whether one is an African immigrant like myself, a native Black Canadian, or an immigrant from the Caribbean, each experience brings unique insights and challenges.

To understand the contemporary Black experience in Canada, staying informed about current events is crucial. Following news coverage that delves into issues such as racial profiling, economic disparities, and other challenges faced by Black Canadians provides insight into ongoing struggles and achievements. Yet, comprehending the Black experience transcends merely confronting adversities; it entails embracing the vibrancy of Black culture. Engaging with art, music, film, and cuisine provides a sensory and emotional connection to the lived experiences and narratives of Black people.

Exploring into the historical context is equally essential. Educate yourself on the history of Black Canadians to understand their struggles, and triumphs throughout generations. Personally, I am currently engrossed in literature that chronicles the courageous journeys of Black Canadians who sought refuge and freedom through the Underground Railroad, finding sanctuary in Canada.


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